José Rodrigues

José Rodrigues

José pastors the evangelical church in Alto do Moinho, which he and his wife Elisa helped to plant. He also pastors the church plant in Azoia.

In 1983, José and Elisa came to England to prepare for the Christian ministry. They studied under the tutorship of a pastor in a local church situation. On their return to Portugal, José spent one year working in his home church before embarking on a pioneer work with two other couples in the town of Alto do Moinho.

The couple have continued to serve the Lord in the same town since 1986. The work has progressed and a church has been established with José as the pastor. All age groups are represented in the congregation with a membership of fifty-nine and a regular Sunday attendance of around seventy people. This number has been maintained for some years despite the difficult employment situation taking people away from the area in search of work. Long working hours prevent others from being as actively involved in church life as they would wish.  

In 2012 a church plant began to take shape in Azoia – José’s place of birth – and a Bible study was set up. One of the Christian families who were part of the core group offered a place that could be used to hold the meetings. In 2014, the new premises were ready to be used for meetings; the work among children is also growing and a means of encouragement.​

Elisa passed into the presence of the Lord in July 2021.

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Elisa Rodrigues interview

December 12, 2020
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Elisa Rodrigues speaks openly to Vivienne Birch about her battle with ovarian cancer and her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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