Juan and Marianne Bascuñana

Juan and Marianne Bascuñana

Officially retired, Juan pastors the Evangelical church in Churriana.

Juan was born in Malaga at a time when Spain was a poor country and there was little freedom.

He was brought up in a Roman Catholic family and became a Christian at the age of fourteen.  In 1961, Juan got involved in evangelising outlying areas of Malaga, including Churriana. Juan later studied at the EMF’s School of Biblical Studies and went into pastoral ministry in Sierra de Segura and Palma de Mallorca. Marianne went to Bible college in Switzerland, her native country. She then went to Spain and worked with the Evangelical Church of Salamanca for several years.  

In September 2008, Juan returned to Churriana to be pastor of the Evangelical church there. He seeks to strengthen its spiritual life and involve the members more in regular meetings.  Since October 2009, audio and video recordings of services have been available online, being downloaded frequently in North and South America.

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