Sławomir and Daniela Rutkowscy

Sławomir and Daniela Rutkowscy

Now retired, Sławomir and Daniela are still involved in the evangelical church in Włocławek which they helped to plant and establishing. Sławomir is an elder in the church, and continues to preach there and in the church in Inowroclaw.

Sławomir and Daniela were already married with children when they were converted.

Sławomir was for many years the pastor of the evangelical church in Włocławek. The church began in 1978 with just fifteen people. In 2010, when he laid down this pastorate to take up a wider ministry with the denomination, there were seventy members and a large building constructed in 1983. He retired last year.

Running summer camps for young people has been a strategic aspect of the work. The church owns a small conference centre at a nearby lake which has been used by hundreds of young people over the years.

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Sławomir and Daniela Rutkowscy
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