Zbigniew and Elzbieta Modniki

Zbigniew and Elzbieta Modniki

Now retired, Zbigniew and Elzbieta continue to be involved in an evangelical church in Łodz which they helped to plant.

Zbigniew was born into a large family in the south of Poland. He was converted at the age of eighteen, but did not entirely grasp that salvation is by grace alone. It took another year to fully understand that there was nothing he could or should add to what God had already done. He was given responsibility for the youth work in his district, and was also invited to preach and lead Bible Studies in churches in the area. 

In 1971, Zbigniew married Elzbieta and settled in Łodz, Poland’s second city, south west of Warsaw. His father-in-law was the pastor of an evangelical church in the city and Zbigniew joined him in the work. He pastored that church for thirty years, taking full responsibility when his father-in-law retired. 

The couple have three adult children, a son and two daughters. Elzbieta has translated many books and is on the board of the Legatio Publishing House.

In 2003, following a difficult period in the church, Zbigniew began a new work with a small group of believers in another district of the city. Officially the couple retired in 2010, but they are both still very active.

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