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Interview with Romuald


EMF are passionate about training a new generation of people for gospel ministry. Here we get to know one of the students who is really benefitting from our training fund.

(1) Who are you?

My name is Romuald Lasnes. I’m 36 years old and come from France. I’m the third of four children in my family. I trusted Christ early in life and was baptised when I was 17. My home church in France was Eglise Protestante Evangélique des Ternes - a reformed Baptist church in Paris. I enjoy food, sport, music, astrophysics, and motorbikes.

(2) Why are you studying at London Seminary and in what way have you benefitted?

I came to London Seminary to be trained as a minister. Throughout the 10 years I spent in secular work my passion for sharing the gospel and serving the church kept growing. In fact, being a pastor has been in my heart ever since my conversion and that desire has never left me. Studying in London Seminary is thus the beginning of a dream come true.

Here in LS, we are privileged to learn bible languages, systematic and biblical theology, preaching, as well as studying through the books of the bible. Each of these lectures have given me great insights for preaching but have also helped shape my character. How could it be different!

Of course, there are challenges too. I am currently learning to spend a lot of time working on my own which I was not used too in my previous jobs.

(3) What are your plans for future ministry?

In France, the target is to have 1 church for every 10,000 people. However, we are far from reaching this goal and the situation is much worse in Paris. That is why I believe it is crucial that we plant more churches in the capital. After my studies in LS, I would like to go back to Paris, be involved in a church for 2 years as an assistant pastor, while preparing a planting project with that church.

(4) How has the EMF training fund been helpful?

I’m supported financially by a few friends, family, my church in Paris and of course EMF. Without EMF’s training fund I would definitely struggle. I consider your support a real blessing from God and another sign of His approval on my future ministry.  

Prayer Points

(5) How can we pray for you?

• God would bless my final two terms at LS and help me with all my assignments.

• My 4/5 weeks placement in March 2021 would be fruitful.

• God would guide me to a church in Paris after June 2021.