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We champion mission in Europe by planting and nurturing local churches.

We do this in various ways:

  • We help churches to prepare and send those God is calling into cross-cultural mission.
  • We support and train Christian leaders to live and work in their own countries.
  • We resource churches in Europe, helping them to grow to maturity.

Many of our missionaries live and work indigenously. Others commit long-term to an adopted country.

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We invest time, presence, love and patience to help the Gospel take root in people’s lives. We nurture relationships and build trust. We work with biblical, evangelical convictions and at theological depth.

We bring together into partnership both those who go and those who send.

The people who send, support, pray and give are as vital to the work as those who go.

To help UK supporters and churches engage with and understand more about Europe and its needs, we provide a range of opportunities and resources.

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