EMF 4:14 Initiative

A call to partner with Ukrainian churches in the midst of their suffering

For such a time as this ...

Ukraine is a nation increasingly traumatised by war, with millions having lost loved ones, homes, livelihoods, hope. Millions more have left the country, with families split apart, longing for reunion. But there is another story - a story of gospel hope in the midst of suffering.

Evangelical churches across the country have (often very sacrificially) been at the forefront of helping people in their need, from the first days following the full-scale invasion until now. This has brought gospel opportunities as never seen before in Ukraine.

And outside of Ukraine, amongst displaced people, Bible-believing Christians are working to bring the light of the gospel to the lives of those who have had to flee.

So, how can we help them?

Workers in a Ukraine harvest

In peace time, Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe, with its enormous grain harvest. But our earnest desire is to see more labourers working in the Lord’s harvest.

With your help, we will be able to partner with evangelical churches in Ukraine and beyond, to support more gospel workers.

Ukrainian gospel workers


Through our Ukraine work over the past couple of years, we have got to know many faithful, gospel-hearted and Bible-centred churches in the region, and we would be partnering closely with them to support indigenous workers. We would commit to supporting each worker for at least one year. It costs around £500 per month to support a full-time worker in Ukraine.(It is possible, however, that some of the workers may be based outside Ukraine, with higher costs).

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