Under the EMF 4:14 initiative we support a number of ukrainian gospel workers alongside our long-term missionaries

our Ukraine workers

Under the EMF 4:14 initiative, we have begun to support a number of Ukrainian gospel workers, all involved in outreach to Ukrainian people, often with an element of humanitarian support. This is in addition to our long-term EMF Missionaries, Volodymyr & Oksana Kostyshyn, Vitalii & Liudmyla Mariash, and Kostiantyn and Kateryna Chybizov (see our main missionaries page for details). We also support a few Ukrainian gospel workers who are supported from our main Ukraine fund, but not technically under EMF 4:14 (for example where they are involved in gospel work, but not working for a  church).

Where it is not shown that a worker is supported under EMF 4:14, then this means that they are supported under our main Ukraine fund.