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Meet George and Florence ...


We don't talk about them much. But let us introduce you to 'George and Florence, who work with EMF in France.

Our EMF workers serving in southern France ― let’s call them George and Florence ― aim to reach a particular ethnic minority with the gospel, and we rarely report much about their work in our media, for security reasons. In the recent riots that affected so much of France, this supermarket close to their home was destroyed. Our friends comment 'We gather the rioters really wanted to attack a larger nearby shopping mall where we shop each week; but it was too well protected, so they settled for lesser pickings.'

George and Florence know firsthand, as they visit the homes of those with whom they regularly open the Bible, that discontent with the establishment is real. Drug abuse and crime is rampant. After the riots nearest to them, the couple reported 'We saw a burned-out car on the way to church yesterday, but burned-out cars are not unusual here at the best of times'.

George and Florence say that some around them have this philosophy:  “ ’Get rich quick and easily’, but then follows violence, shooting and killing between gangs, and conflict with the police.  Some of these areas are more-or-less ruled by the drug gangs for 95% of the time. We often see police there; they come in large numbers for mutual support.  Lookouts report their approach”. 

Pray for them as they tell the gospel story in marginalised homes into which most people could never gain entry. There are no other missionaries in their area who have targeted this particular ethnic group so specifically. George and Florence have been here for years, and have seen little evident fruit. But they have never stopped loving the people they are trying to reach with the gospel, and have earned the respect and love of many of their neighbours, who have allowed them to speak to them about Jesus. In this context, that is quite an achievement!

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Prayer Points

Florence and George ask us to pray :

1.  That youngsters from the ethnic minority we are trying to reach would not be tempted to get involved in the rioting.

2.  That a young man we have contact with, who has had problems with the police, would be reconciled with his wife and get back into employment; that together they, along with the young man’s mum, would hear and receive the Good News.

3.  That the Lord would use the discontent in French society to awaken the desire to seek peace and true contentment, and to find it in Christ.’