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New HQ


As of 1st March, we’ve made The Old Rectory, Glenfield our formal headquarters and we’ve closed down the office at Guessens.

You can see the new contact details on the website.We’re enormously grateful to the Lord for the way he has provided to enable us to make this transition so smoothly.

On the 14th February we made the physical move of the EMF office from Welwyn to Glenfield, Leicester.  It was a full day and out of the chaos we achieved cosmos (order) in a relatively short time. We are getting used to the new location and its surroundings.  A greeting praying that the Lord would bless Glenfield in the days ahead as he blessed Guessens in the past! 

Jonathan Jeffreys is now running our administration from Glenfield office, taking over from Penny Leech who played a vital role in keeping the office running and transitioning the back-office operation. We’re also looking forward to Gerry Brienza joining us as our new Operations Manager on 1st April.

We look to the Lord for his help in enabling us to run the headquarters, the “base behind the front-lines in European countries” to use the words of Omri Jenkins, efficiently with low running costs, so that we can put more of our resources and your gifts into the front line missionaries and into the training of new workers for the mission field.

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