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Passion for the Gospel


Back in 2016 EMF missionary (now EMF Director) Andrew Birch attended the ‘Together for the Gospel’ conference in Louisville, Kentucky and was greatly blessed by worshipping with ten thousand fellow Christians, listening to excellent preaching and enjoying rich fellowship.

He returned to Spain with the desire to start something similar there, albeit on a smaller scale. With the help of likeminded church leaders across the country, a movement that came to be called Pasión por el Evangelio (Passion for the Gospel) was born. Its purpose is to enable reformed churches and believers across Spain to stand together on the gospel in a public way without dividing over secondary issues. The two main sponsors are Editorial Peregrino (led by EMF missionary Matt Hill) and 9Marks (from USA).

This year’s conference (which had to be held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic) was one of the best so far. It took place on Saturday 7th November and the theme was ‘The Gospel: The Root of True Joy.’ Over 1600 people from across Spain (and several other countries) registered and benefitted from outstanding Bible ministry. The highlights were John Piper’s message on the relationship between suffering and joy, a powerful message preached by Israel Sanz, and the question-and-answer session with John Piper. The feedback received has been very positive indeed – even from those who don’t share our reformed convictions.

Let’s pray that God would continue blessing this exciting endeavour and that as a result many more Spanish people will unite together with a love for the Lord, his Word, the gospel, and 'the doctrines of grace'.  

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