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Peschici Food Bank


How do you reach a community with the gospel when you’re viewed as an outsider? That’s the problem faced by many evangelicals in Italy. In fact, many Italians view the evangelical church with great suspicion, believing it to be a kind of cult or sect. Evangelism in such a context is therefore especially challenging.

Well, Antonio de Noia (Peschici) has found that one particularly effective means of engagement has been to establish a local food bank. This ministry began five years ago with the purpose of showing Christlike love and compassion to those in the towns of Peschici, Vico and Ischitella who are really struggling – of whom there are many. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has made the economic situation even worse resulting in rising levels of unemployment and homelessness. The food bank has therefore been a lifeline to many in these areas.

To help meet this need, each month Antonio and a team of eight people from the churches he pastors provide food parcels for around four hundred people! And of course, included in each food parcel is some gospel literature. Now, for a small group of believers this is a huge undertaking, and it involves a lot of time, effort and hard work – but it’s worth it! Barriers are being broken down. Relationships are being forged. Trust is being built. And opportunities to share the gospel are opening up. Please pray that God would bless this significant and strategic ministry and that many Italians in this region would put their trust in Jesus Christ - the one who is “the bread of life” (John 6:35).

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