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Previous EMF Conferences

Northern Ireland Armagh Conference

'I can plod': Pressing on, come rain or shine.

16th March 2024

Northern Ireland Stranmillis Conference

'What is the Mission of the Church?'

18th November 2023

EMF North Preston Conference 2023

'Bridging the Gap: Reaching people for the gospel

18th November 2023

Northern Ireland Ballymoney Conference

'Here we stand! Not ashamed of the Gospel'

20th May 2023

EMF Kesgrave Conference 2023

'From Suffering to Salvation'

13th May 2023

Northern Ireland Armagh Conference

'CATHOLICISM: A Thing of the Past?'

Richhill Presbyterian Church
4th March 2023

Northern Ireland Autumn Conference

'Building for the Future'

Stranmillis Evangelical Presbyterian Church
22nd October 2022

Spring Conference 2022

'The Gospel of Christ:
Our Passion and Europe's Greatest Need'

14th May 2022

Northern Ireland Spring Conference

'Small Church / Big Mission'

Ballymoney Baptist Church
26th March 2022

Northern Ireland Autumn Conference

'Know the Gospel, Share the Gospel!'

Stranmillis Evangelical Presbyterian Church
20th November 2021

GB Autumn Conference

'Evangelising in a Hostile World'

North Preston Evangelical Church
6th November 2021

Spring Conference 2021 online

'Unleashing God's Word'

13th March 2021

Autumn Conference 2020 online

'The Message and the Medium: Sharing the Gospel in an online world'

21st November 2020


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