Help for Happy Wheels aims to raise funds for a new minibus and other equipment for people with disabilities in the city of Ternopil Western Ukraine.

The Happy Wheels Initiative is run by a group of Christian volunteers, led by Volodia Kostyshyn, to provide transportation to people with disabilities in Ternopil, Western Ukraine. This important and inspiring ministry has been running since 2017 with a single minibus specially adapted for wheelchair use. But this minibus urgently needs replacement for the work to continue.

Update (16th November 2021):

We're overjoyed to say that the target to buy a replacement minibus for Happy Wheels was achieved within a few days of launching the appeal - and the replacement minibus has been in active service now for several months. But we then extended the appeal to equip a sensory room for children and young people of all ages and all types of disabilities - and we received more than enough to purchase this equipment.

Thank you to everyone who donated so generously.

It took several months to order and take delivery of the equipment, and arrange for transport from UK to Ukraine. In October we shipped over 2 tons of equipment - new equipment for the sensory room, along with wheelchairs, walking aids, hospital beds, medical supplies, which arrived within a few days in Ukraine. We expected it to take a while to get through Ukrainian customs - but on 16th November 2021 we received the great news that everything had cleared customs and was being taken to Ternopil.

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