Mihai and Irina Chisari

Mihai and Irina Chisari

Mihai is pastor of Imago Dei Baptist Church at Chișinău in Moldova and is married to Irina. They have two young daughters, Delia and Elisa.

Mihai was born in a nominal Eastern Orthodox family. Even though people in his family from time to time would mention God or Christ there was no knowledge of the Gospel. When he was 11yr old his father died in Moscow. Although not a believer herself, Mihai’s mother then wrote to the pastor in the village where he was living asking him to take him under his wings. The pastor accepted the challenge, and he became like a father figure to Mihai.

At the age of 17, after a time of wandering around, God saved Mihai. Shortly after, his main passion became to be a minister of the gospel. He took a course in pastoral theology, and during his student years felt called by God to plant a church in Chișinău.

However, Mihai’s understanding of theology was very shallow. The next couple years after seminary was a deep valley of spiritual decay. But God did not let him go. God brought Mihai very low but then raised him up again with a different heart and a different understanding of grace. He began studying the doctrines of grace and became more serious about going into the ministry.

In 2016 he, along with a few other believers, started small group with the vision of church planting. Within a matter of a few years God had worked wonderfully his life, and in the life of those involved in this ministry,

Today, Mihai serves as the pastor of Imago Dei Baptist Church.

Mihai believes there is a great famine in the land of Moldova. A famine for solid, Christ-centred, Gospel-saturated preaching. His desire is to see even more people from Moldova coming to Christ, and for more believers coming to a better understanding of the gospel as it is found in the Bible, in order to be fuelled not for a legalistic or libertarian style of life, but rather to a life filled with passion for holiness, and God's kingdom.

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Meet our Missionaries: Mihai Chisari, Benjamin Pap and Tamás Moroz

July 1, 2021
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Brief introduction to 3 new EMF missionaries, who joined the mission in May 2021, as Mission Director Andrew Birch interviews Mihai Chisari (from Chișinău, Moldova), Benjamin Pap (from Boghiș, Romania) and Tamás Moroz (from Biharia, Romania)
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