Martin Hjellvik

Martin Hjellvik

Martin is a pastor in Norway’s first reformed church, Kilden Menighet Jæren, where he serves with a co-leader, Nahum O’Brien, a US missionary.

He grew up in a Christian family but wasn’t a Christian himself, although he always professed to be. In elementary school he once said to his friend that he wished he knew when Jesus would come back, so that he could live just as he wanted and change his ways right before Jesus came.

This sinful attitude remained more or less until he was around twenty-one. Being in Christian circles he came over a sermon by Paul Washer on YouTube. Seeds were planted, and slowly started to grow. Jesus is Lord!

With this new understanding everything changed. Martin’s understanding was not complete though, and he lacked  assurance of salvation.

Later, he grew in an understanding of the truth that Jesus is a Saviour! The gospel is Jesus, not our changing emotions or our imperfect obedience. He now believes in Jesus, who is both Saviour and Lord.

The desire to obey the commandments of Jesus led to the church being planted seven and a half years ago. It’s been a bumpy ride, but God has remained faithful and they are excited and looking forward to continuing the gospel work for our king, Jesus.

Martin’s dream is to get the Word of God out to Norwegians and see it do miracles. Among those miracles would be to see people saved and to start new biblical churches that do not bow to the spirit of the times, but to God.

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