Vitalii and Liudmyla Mariash

Vitalii and Liudmyla Mariash

Vitalii is the academic dean of Kyiv Theological Seminary, and forms part of the leadership team of his church in Kyiv.

Vitalii was converted while studying the Gospel of John with a group of Christians when he was twenty-four. He began attending and participating in the life and ministry of the First Baptist Church in Ternopil, and gradually became involved in the church’s outreach programme and its preaching and teaching ministry.

In 2002 he came to study with EMF. He then spent two further years at London Theological Seminary. He joined EMF as a missionary in 2005.

Returning to Ukraine, Vitalii became an assistant to the pastor in Ternopil. He was an elder of the church from 2009. In 2013 he moved to Kyiv to become assistant academic dean of Kyiv Theological Seminary, and in 2015 moved up to become its academic dean. The Seminary prepares Christians for the different ministries in the churches and for addressing Ukrainian society.

Vitalii is also involved in the leadership team in the church he is attending in Kyiv. He leads a evangelistic Bible study group in his home and monthly study groups for deacons and preachers.

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September 1, 2021
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Brief introduction to Vitalii & Liudmyla Mariash who are EMF missionaries in Kyiv, Ukraine. Vitalii is the Academic Dean at Kyiv Theological Institute, and also one of the pastors at an evangelical church in Kyiv. He's married to Liudmyla, and they have 2 children, Mariane and Mark.
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EMF Online Conference 2020: The Message and the Medium

November 21, 2020
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Sharing the Gospel in an online world
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