The European Mission Fellowship (EMF) sees in the UEFA 2024 Championships an opportunity to raise awareness of the great spiritual need of a continent which in global terms is relatively prosperous, and typically proud of its progressive ethos. At the same time, however, the people of Europe are generally uninterested in, and at times hostile to, the biblical message about Jesus Christ.

Christians who will be following the UEFA 2024 event in Germany have an opportunity to use each match as a reminder to pray for the nations taking part in the championships. EMF has published a colourful fixture and score chart which can be filled in by football enthusiasts, who will be encouraged to ‘Pray as they Play’.  Key data about the spiritual situation of a few participant countries is also given, aiming to highlight the urgent need for the people of Europe to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Why not use this in your church, you youth groups or Sunday school, your home, your workplace. Or give a set to your local school. We have plenty to give away, and they are all free!

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