EMF Christmas Appeal 2022: Bible and Blankets for Ukraine

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November 24, 2022
In this short video, we explain the great need in Ukraine for winter supplies, and why we are launching this Christmas appeal. With input from front-line workers in Ukraine Volodymyr Kostyshyn, Ivan Hontar and Liudmyla Mariash.

EMF missionary Volodia Kostyshyn recently wrote these words:

'Today is another day of the war in Ukraine and another day of opportunities for gospel ministry. This time the food packages, which churches give out to the internally displaced people in our area, included blankets and the Bible... Who would've thought that God would give us such an opportunity for evangelism?! Food packages and blankets, because our bodies need to be fed and kept warm, but the Bible, because our souls need to be healed!'

And another EMF missionary, Liuda Mariash, along with other members of the Bible and Life Church in Kyiv, is helping to distribute warm bedding each week while her husband, Vitalii, serves in the military. Liuda tells us that many more blankets will be needed.

That's why we've decided on Bibles and Blankets for Ukraine as our Christmas Project this year. It's a simple way of helping both believers and unbelievers in Ukraine, physically and spiritually.

For every £15 that we receive, we can get a Bible and a blanket to someone in Ukraine who desperately needs them. For every £100, 6 Bibles and blankets. For every £1,000, 66 Bibles and blankets.

We'll also be putting the money towards electricity generators, to create warm places for cold people in Ukraine. Each medium sized generator costs about £1,000.

Our target is to raise £50,000, and to buy 2,000 Bibles and blankets, and 20 generators.

Can you help us?

Go to www.europeanmission.org/ukraine-bibles-and-blankets