EMF Ukraine Emergency Fund: Renewed Appeal

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September 9, 2022
Pastor Oleg Larkiv and his family, along with the members of Bozhiy Dizayn Baptist Church in Kyiv, have been helping needy residents and displaced people in Kyiv since the early days of the Russian invasion.

With the war in Ukraine continuing, there are now more people than ever who have been displaced from their homes - just under 7 million people, according to UNHCR figures. Millions also are still in the warzones in the east and south, mostly without gas or electricity, even though the government has called them to leave.

But with winter approaching, the needs of Ukrainian people are now as great as they have been over the last 7 months.

Evangelical churches across Ukraine, and in neighbouring countries, have been leading the way - often sacrificially - in giving support to refugees and displaced people, providing shelter, food, basic supplies, as well as emotional support. But people's greatest is their spiritual need; many thousands have come under the sound of the gospel, as never before in the country, and many have come to know the Saviour.

We know that, with the cost of living crisis, this is asking a lot, but if you are able to give again to our Ukraine Fund, this will provide evangelical churches in Ukraine and neighbouring countries with resources to serve Ukrainians in great need around them.

To donate, and for details of how the money is being used, go to https://www.europeanmission.org/emf-ukraine-appeal