Meet Our Missionaries: Matt & Judith Hill

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June 1, 2020
Brief introduction to Matt and Judith Hill, EMF Missionaries in Ciudad Real, Spain. Matt leads the Spanish evangelical publishing house Editorial Peregrino, publishing and distributing reformed Christian literature across the Spanish-speaking world.

Matt and Judith arrived in Spain in July 1991. After three years of language study, they moved to Santa Cruz de Mudela to pastor a church there. In November 2005, Matt was called to pastor the Cuenca church planted by EMF missionary Luis Cano. In 2010, the family moved to Ciudad Real, where Matt began to work with the Spanish evangelical publishing house Editorial Peregrino (EP). In March 2014, Matt became head of EP, which has grown into a strategic and significant work resourcing Spanish speakers across the world.

Matt & Judith have two sons, Thomas and Jacob, both born in Spain.