Meet Antonis and Viki Topaloglou

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April 1, 2020
Antonis & Viki Topaloglou joined the EMF missionary family in 2019, and are seeking to plant a new Christian community in Thessaloniki through a community cafe in a deprived area of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece.

Antonis  and Viki have four children. Antonis has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. He has served the Lord in Greece as a worship leader, youth pastor, a member of a youth committee, preaching in churches and leading evangelism outreaches. He has served as a short term missionary in Tanzania, Africa, working with orphans, and as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Lesvos. Antonis was also a student at the EMF School of Biblical Studies during its last year of operation in 2018. He began his association with EMF in April 2019.

After 15 years in business God called Antonis to be a full-time Christian worker and he is engaged in planting a new Christian community in Thessaloniki through a community centre in a deprived area. This involves the use of a café-place called Kipseli (which means beehive) as a means to share the Gospel.

Greece has a high rate of abortion, Antonis and Viki are very concerned about this issue and are seeking ways in which they can support girls that are willing to keep their unborn child.

Their long term aim is to see the establishment of a faithful bible believing church in this needy part of Thessaloniki.