How can we pray for Ukraine following the invasion?

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February 26, 2022
Just 2 days after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Volodia Kostyshyn, pastor of Grace Church, Ternopil in the West of Ukraine, and EMF missionary, describes the situation in Ternopil, the refugees coming from the East, and how to pray for them in Ukraine.

26th February 2022:

Volodia Kostyshyn is interviewed by Martin Tatham (EMF Church partnership coordinator), and briefly describes the situation in Western Ukraine, which is as yet has not come under military attack, but is starting to see an increasing flow of refugees coming from the East.

Volodia gives 3 prayer requests:

  1. For Ukraine to remain as a sovereign nation with freedom for the  gospell.
  2. For the Ukrainian military and government, and civilians -for courage to stand firm.
  3. For evangelical churches and Christians to be a faithful witness to the gospel, in word and deed.

There is a shorter version of this video (5 mins), intended for use in church meetings, which you can view here: or download here: