Prayer requests from Sasha (Chernivtsi) and Volodia (Ternopil)

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April 1, 2022
Martin Tatham talks to Sasha Diankov from the evangelical church in Chernivtsi, and Volodia Kostyshyn from the Grace Church in Ternopil, about how we can pray for them.

They ask us to pray:

  1. For Sasha and the people in the church in Chernivtsi who are helping support refugees, for them to do the work wholeheartedly and for perseverance in this.
  2. For Volodia and the brethren in the churches in Ternopil, as they work and support refugees there - again for perseverance, but also that their hearts wouldn't become hardened as they are constantly called to support those who have experienced such harrowing ordeals.