Ukraine Update from Andrii Kaustov

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July 16, 2022
Update and prayer requests from Andrii Kaustov, who travelled from Ukraine to Belfast on 8th June, along with his wife Jolanta.

Andrii & Yolanta Kaustov were in Kyiv when the Russians invaded. Andrii teaches at the Kyiv Theological Seminary, alongside Vitalii Mariash. Both Andrii & Yolanta were receiving chemotherapy, sometimes sheltering in basements, but had to escape to Chernivtsi to continue their treatment.

On 8th June, Andrii & Yolanta travelled to Belfast, hosted by Ron & Joy McCormick, who have shown great generosity as well as energy to move the process forward. It had taken 7 weeks to secure the visa and arrange travel, with many people praying, the persistence of others, and help from many along the way.

After a month in Belfast, they are now going through many tests, by which the doctors can adjust their treatment.

We asked Andrii to give us an update ...