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Europe Needs the Gospel

Engaging Eastern Orthodoxy

June 7, 2021
7:30 pm
Main Speaker:
Panagiotis Kantartzis
Europe Needs the Gospel
Sharing the gospel with Eastern Orthodox people

Giotis Kantartzis

Panagiotis (Giotis) Kantartzis leads us in considering Eastern Orthodoxy from an evangelical perspective: Are there areas we would agree on, areas we where we would disagree? He will particularly focus on the area of the doctrine of salvation. But he will also share his experience of how to share the gospel with people from an Eastern Orthodox background, who are often suspicious about evangelical Christianity.

Giotis Kantartzis is senior pastor of the First Greek Evangelical Church in Athens, Greece, visiting professor at Greek Bible College, coordinator of City to City Balkans and director of the Institute for the Study of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. He has recently published ‘A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Eastern Orthodox Theology’

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