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Europe Needs the Gospel

Evangelising in a Secular Age

December 5, 2022
7:30 pm
Main Speaker:
Mac Stiles
Europe Needs the Gospel
Europe is now the most secular continent on Earth, and most of the most prominent secular philosophy originates from Europe. While Gospel-less religion and Islam continue to exert a hold on Europe, Secularism is now the dominant philosophy and religion. But this is the mission field in which we are called to serve and to share the gospel of Christ. This webinar aims to explore the main tenets of secular atheism, and to equip people with an understanding how best to engage with people immersed in this, for the sake of the gospel.

J. Mack Stiles:

Mack is the director of Messenger Ministries Inc., a think tank working to develop healthy missions. He and his wife, Leeann, have traveled and lived in many places before landing in Erbil, Iraq, in July 2017, including 15 years in Dubai, UAE. Up until recently, he was the pastor of Erbil Baptist Church. Mack has written books on missions and evangelism including Evangelism: How The Whole Church Speaks of Jesus. Mack resides in Louisville and is a member of Third Avenue Baptist Church

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