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An Expanded Vision for Europe

EMF's Expanded Vision for Europe

February 7, 2022
7:30 pm
Main Speaker:
Andrew Birch & Darren Moore
An Expanded Vision for Europe
Mission Director Andrew Birch describes EMF's expansion of its vision for Europe

Europe is the spiritually neediest continent in the world, with relatively few evangelical Christians and gospel churches, and a lot of gospel-less religion and godless secularism. The Balkans and the Nordics are two especially needy regions. Europe needs more gospel workers and a renewed vision for the planting of new gospel churches. EMF is committed to expanding its support of gospel work in Europe, and is inviting churches and Christians to join them.

In this webinar, Darren Moore (Minister of Chelmsford Presbyterian Church and EMF Trustee) will be interviewing Mission Director Andrew Birch to discuss in more detail:

  • What is EMF's expanded vision?
  • What led EMF to expanding its missionary vision?
  • Are there particular regions of interest?
  • How will work be funded, and how does this tie in with existing work?
  • How can supporters get involved?
Andrew Birch
EMF Mission Director
Darren Moore
Minister of Chelmsford Presbyterian Church
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Andrew Birch
Mission Director
Darren Moore
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