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Europe Needs the Gospel

Sharing the gospel in a time of lock-down

May 4, 2020
7:30 pm
Main Speaker:
Antonis Topaloglou & Rogério Ramos
Europe Needs the Gospel
With so many countries in lock-down as a result of the coronavirus, many fellowships are finding new ways to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. But perhaps through this, there are lessons to learn going forward how to reach people with the gospel.
In Thessaloniki, Antonis & Viki Topaloglou would normally reach out to people with the gospel through the Kypseli community centre. But this has not been possible since March. Antonis has found other ways to share the gospel, for example, through a new podcast and YouTube streaming session. Similarly, in Portugal, Rogério Ramos has been turning to streaming of services and other events, both to minister to his congregation in Sines, and to reach out - and has seen many more people coming under the sound of God's word through this. This session is intended for Antonis and Rogério to share their experiences, and also to have a wider discussion about the lessons which can be learnt through this time of confinement.
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Antonis and Viki
Antonis is seeking to plant a new Christian community in Thessaloniki through a community centre in a deprived area.
Rogério and Sónia
Rogério pastors the evangelical church in Sines. He also leads a small Bible school in the church, and organizes a conference called Fé Evangélica (Evangelical Faith).

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