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Europe Needs the Gospel

The Gospel in the Republic of Ireland

September 13, 2021
7:30 pm
Main Speaker:
Pastor Shane Deane, Pastor Paudge Mulvihill, Rev. Alastair Dunlop
Europe Needs the Gospel
The Republic of Ireland continues to be one of the most spiritually needy countries in Europe, as the country becomes increasingly secular at the same time as moving away from its long-standing devotion to Roman Catholicism. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of church plants across the country, with initiatives such as the Cork-Kerry Project leading to several encouraging works. But what is the current situation, and what are the needs of those working for the gospel in the country?

In this webinar Phil Dunn, the EMF Northern Ireland Representative, will be interviewing 3 men all involved closely in church plants in the Republic of Ireland: Pastor Shane Deane of Passage West Baptist Church, Pastor Paudge Mulvihill of Calvary Church, Westport, and Rev. Alastair Dunlop of Howth & Malahide Presbyterian Churches. They will be exploring the recent history of the work of the gospel in Ireland, and describing the current situation.

Do join us to find our more about the cause of the gospel in the Republic of Ireland, and to understand how you can support the work more, whether in prayer, giving, encouragement, practical support, or even going!

Pastor Shane Deane
Passage West Baptist Church
Pastor Paudge Mulvihill
Calvary Church, Westport
Rev. Alastair Dunlop
Howth & Malahide Presbyterian Churches
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Northern Ireland Representative
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