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Europe Needs the Gospel

The Great Pioneers

May 10, 2021
7:30 pm
Main Speaker:
Mike Tindall (Minister at Grace Church Manchester)
Europe Needs the Gospel
William Carey is often called "the father of modern missions", and his work in India was truly pioneering. This webinar will look at Carey's life and ministry, reveal some of the hard realities behind the legend, and consider the vital lessons we learn about missions.
Mike Tindall
Mike Tindall (Minister at Grace Church Manchester)

William Carey, along with the other missionaries who went out to Serampore in the late 18th century, were pioneering in the way in which they turned principles in to practice to bring the gospel to India in a colonial context. Hard realities shaped their practice, and so much of what they learned and applied has steered modern mission.

But the mission field is ever-changing, with a rapidly changing world, and so we have to constantly re-think how we apply principles and practices to reach a lost world today.

Mike Tindall re-visits William Carey's life and ministry, to think through again how we might learn from him and apply lessons to today's mission in Europe.

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