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Europe Needs the Gospel

The Gospel among the Albanians

September 12, 2022
7:30 pm
Main Speaker:
Andi Dina
Europe Needs the Gospel
This webinar aims to help us to know who the Albanians (both in Albania and in other countries) are, and to know how the gospel is doing among them – both the challenges and the encouragements – so that we can pray for the Albanians with more understanding and do more to support God-honouring gospel work among them.
Crowd in Tirana in 1991 pulling down the statue of Enver Hoxha

Albania, under the tyrannical dictatorship of Enver Hoxha, was considered to be one of the three most closed countries in the world to the gospel, along with North Korea and Mongolia. Hoxha had declared Albania the world’s first atheist state in 1967, and his enforcers murdered, tortured and imprisoned any who would not renounce their faith. Hoxha controlled the media, and ensured that anti-religious propaganda was all that could be heard. Spies were everywhere. Foreign missionaries wouldn’t be allowed back for another 50 years.

In 1991, when the communist government began to crumble, it was though that there were around 16 evangelical Christians in the country, and most of them didn't know of each other's presence.

But as the country opened up to missionaries, there was a great hunger for the gospel, amidst a wave of interest in religion more generally. Now, only a small percentage of the population consider themselves to be atheists, and the dominant religion is Sunni Islam (around 60%), and Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians numbering each around 10%.

But the number of evangelical Christians is now estimated to be around 17,000 believers. Even though this is a small percentage of the population, there is a real hunger for spiritual and theological growth among the thousands of first-generation Albanian Christians, and a passion to share the gospel of Christ to their neighbours.

Andi Dina

Andi Dina came to Christ while studying at college in Tirana in 2002. He completed his graduate studies in Business Administration at the University of Tirana. Andi has been serving in the local church for two decades now. He has passionately served as coordinator at Prison Fellowship Albania and at The Evangelical Alliance of Albania. Andi has been involved in the field of child and youth service where he continues to contribute. From 2016 to 2018 he carried out intensive church training by the Acts29 organization.  

Andi is currently the Church-planting Pastor at Light Church in Tirana, he also leads IGNIS Mission at Ignis Ministries and is a Council member of TGC Albania 

He's married to Vilma and they have four sons.

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