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Editorial Peregrino on the western front


Running a Christian publishing house in a country where hardly anybody reads anything is no easy task! Even Christians (of which there are not many) are usually not great fans of reading; Christians of reformed convictions (of which there are even fewer) are, unfortunately, not very different as regards reading habits. So Matt Hill’s job as manager of ‘Editorial Peregrino’, a publisher of reformed Christian books in Spanish, is challenging, to say the least. To promote the literature brought out by ‘Peregrino’, Matt recently travelled to the US and Cuba. Read on to find out how this long trip went.

The first week in the USA was centred on the Together for the Gospel conference, where Matt was invited to represent Editorial Peregrino on the 9 Marks stand, thus giving Editorial a shop window to the 11,000 attendees, and an opportunity to network with other organisations.


From Louisville, Kentucky, Matt travelled to Cuba, passing through Miami to pick up a suitcase full of supplies (medication, a laptop, and a mixer desk, amongst other things) which, along with other goodies from Spain (clothing, books and mobile phones), were taken safely into Cuba without any problems. The first “setback” on arrival was being told by Jatniel, Editorial Peregrino’s partner on the island, that he and his family were leaving the island the next day because of threats to his family. At present they are safely in the USA, from where Jatniel will continue to oversee the work on the island, whilst they await the right time to return to Cuba. Sunday morning saw Matt preaching in the newly-planted church in the El Vedado area of Habana,where the congregation said goodbye to their pastor and his family.

That evening saw the first of four conferences that Matt was to give over the next four days, in Habana, Matanzas, Santa Clara and La Consolación in the province of Pinar del Rio. Each night he had to speak for three hours on the sovereignty of God – in the life of Joseph (Gen 50v20), in the book of Esther, and in the salvation of the sinner (Eph 2v1-10). It was a joy to see so many gathered in each place – about 400 in total - and to feel their thirst for God’s Word as Matt spoke. With the help of donations received, Editorial Peregrino subsidised (even more than usual) the many hundreds of books sold in the conferences,leaving stocks low and producing a need to reprint many titles.

EP books published and on sale in Cuba.

Whilst the general situation on the island was much worse than when Matt was there three years ago,due largely to the effects of COVID and the general decline in the world economy, at the same time it was wonderful to see the joy of the believers and their hunger for the things of God. A joy too to meet with Yeremi and Yarian,two brothers who had been incarcerated last July, and for whom many of you were praying – they and their wives urged Matt to pass on their heartfelt thanks for all prayers offered on their behalf.

Matt Hill with pastors Yérmi and Yarián, the latter now free after their time in prison.


Before the service in La Consolación, Cuba

From Cuba it was back to the USA to attend a conference for Spanish-speaking pastors, organised by friends in the Baptist church in North Bergen(New York).


Now back in Spain, Matt, together with the team, is finalising publication of Mez McConnell’s autobiography Is There Anybody OutThere? along with two new volumes in the Matthew Henry Commentary series; they are also working on a bi-lingual Spanish-Arabic evangelistic book for Muslim women.


So, lots going on, but they still need more readers and buyers! There is so much to be done, and sometimes ths task seems immense.


Matt asks for prayer for these summer months at 'EP' -sales have again fallen dramatically this year (probably due to the higher costof living at the moment). This is going to make the traditional “dead” months of July and August particularly difficult.


Prayer Points

Please pray...
  • that sales of good books will pick up this year.
  • for the brothers and sisters in Cuba to be built up in their faith through this Christian literature.
  • for many of the contacts made in the US to bear fruit in terms of investment in, and cooperation with, Editorial Peregrino.
  • For Matt and his team to be encouraged and strengthened in their Christian lives and ministry.