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Helping fellow-citizens evacuate from Kyiv


To remind readers: Vitalii Mariash is Dean Of Studies at Kyiv Theological Seminary and a co-pastor of a Baptist church in the capital. He was obliged to leave the city just after the Russian invasion, and he and his wife Liudmyla have since then been helping evacuate other Kyiv citizens, assisting them to reach safer places, such as Chernivtsi, in South-west Ukraine.

There has been a steady stream of people heading west in Ukraine as they flee from danger. With Vitalii Mariash's permission, and with the permission of the people on the photos, we present just a few of the people who have escaped Kyiv for the (only relative) safety of Chernivtsi, not too far from the Romanian border, along with some of the people EMF is helping (through Vitalii) to assist them. Vitalii says his phone is 'red-hot' as he and others help evacuees find their way south-west. PLEASE PRAY FOR ALL OF THEM. As Russia strikes in places farther and farther to the west, we all know that nowhere is Ukraine is truly secure.

Bogdan, Juliya, and little Olivia. (Bogdan is a student at Kyiv Theological Seminary and they live near Kyiv).
Oleksander (Sasha) and his wife Liudmyla (in grey jumper) with Yasia and Lisa(beige jumper, and black jumper, beside mum). Along with Liuda (Vitalii's wife -grey scarf) Mark (green T-shirt) and Marianna, next to Mark. They are evacuees from Kyiv.
From left, Sasha, Valeriy , deacon and pastor at the 'Heart of Jesus' Evangelical Church in Chernivtsi. Vitalii far right. These 2 brothers on the left are coordinating aid to refugees, and EMF is channeling funds through Vitalii to their work.
Natasha, Serhiy and family, evacuees from Kyiv
'V', who escaped Kyiv with her baby daughter. Her husband stayed in the capital.

Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • that the Mariash family will be kept safe
  • for more families and individuals to reach safety as the flee from danger zones
  • for evangelistic opportunities coming from this ministry (for example, a young non-Christian mum and her baby managed to get out of Kyiv thanks to help from Vitalii and Liudmyla -this lady's husband stayed behind in Kyiv. They usually attend Bible studies in Vitaii's church in Kyiv)