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New Church in Włocławek


Plans to establish a new church in the city of Włocławek, central Poland are progressing well. Krzysztof Rutkowski who is leading this new venture reports that strong foundations are being established with a group of over twenty people now attending meetings.

Among these are two men who would be suitable for leadership roles, and three other men capable of preaching. Three ladies have already indicated their desire to run the Sunday school (two of whom are studying to get qualifications to be RE teachers). At present the fellowship are meeting in rented accommodation but are actively searching for new premises in the town centre. Krzysztof hopes that the church will be officially registered by spring at the latest.

The spiritual need in Włocławek is enormous. At present there are only two other evangelical churches in this city of over one hundred thousand people. Pray that the Lord would bless Krzysztof and this fledgeling fellowship so that soon a new gospel light would shine in this dark and needy country.

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