Krzysztof and Aneta Rutkowski

Krzysztof and Aneta Rutkowski

Krzysztof pastors the evangelical church in Inowrocław, as well as leading the work at Legatio publishing Christian literature.

Krzysztof’s parents were converted when he was about seven years old. When he was fifteen, the Gospel made an impact on his life.Aneta was introduced to the Gospel by Krzysztof while they were teenagers. In the late 1980s he came to the UK to work with a pastor for a year and study with EMF.

In May 1997, in partnership with EMF, the church in Włocławek set up Legatio to publish Christian literature. Krzysztof has led this work from the beginning. Its first book was published in September 1997. In January 2006, with Krzysztof still at the helm, Legatio became legally independent of the church.

Today, about 200 titles are available. 

Krzysztof was also assistant pastor of the church in Włocławek, but recently (2019) took up the pastorate at the evangelical church in Inowrocław.

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