School of

Biblical Studies

To equip missionaries and those who work in mission, we run a six-month theological course.

This residential course is held at our Welwyn headquarters from January to July.

The Bible is at the heart of our syllabus. We teach theology from a reformational, evangelical perspective. Students explore biblical studies, systematic theology, church history, apologetics, missiology, ethics and practical theology.

The course is designed to equip students to better understand their faith and to share it with a sceptical world. Our course is helpful especially for those thinking about developing their skills to strengthen their local church.

Our course helps people understand their faith more deeply

Discovering Theology: inspiring faith

Expanding Experience: growing gifts

Generating Community: sharing lives

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Our partners include
London Seminary and Day
One Christian Ministries.

Teaching is delivered by visiting lecturers with diverse backgrounds and wide pastoral experience. Local churches provide students with short, intensive ministry experiences in urban evangelism, children’s ministry and cross-cultural mission.

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Our Missionary Placement course is designed for those who have completed the European School of Biblical Studies (or an equivalent course) and are seeking further context based training.

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