Romuald and Liz Lasnes

Romuald and Liz Lasnes

Romuald and Liz are working to establish an new church in the 11th district of Paris.

Romuald was brought up in a nominal Christian family in France, but at the age of 15 he started to read the Bible, and in September 2001, when he was 17, he came to faith in Christ. Not long after that, he began to feel the desire to become a pastor, so that he could teach God's Word to others.

Romuald studied at London Seminary, doing the full-time theology course there. He says of that time, "Those two years were a tremendous blessing, not only because my knowledge of God grew deeper, but also because, as a result, I was drawn closer to him." 

In view of the challenging spiritual situation in France, where there are so many city suburbs, towns, and villages with no evangelical church (of any kind), Romuald's dream is to be part of a church planting team in the Paris area and to see new communities of believers being born, communities that live out and make known the good news about Jesus. 

In September 2021, Romuald started working as an assistant pastor in a faithful gospel church in the north-west Paris suburb of La Garenne-Colombes. As Romuald himself puts it, the best way to serve the Lord is to serve in the local church.

On 25th August 2023, Romuald began a new chapter in his life, marrying Liz and then moving to the 11th district of Paris where together they are working to establish a new church.

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Meet our Missionaries: Romuald Lasnes

September 26, 2021
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Brief introduction to Romuald Lasnes - who recently joined EMF as a missionary working as Trainee Pastor in the evangelical church in La Garenne-Colombes which is a suburb to the north-west of Paris.
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