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Comforting the broken


Anna and Pál Borzási have a huge workload at the best of times. Pál lectures at a seminary, preaches about 300 times a year, and pastors a large congregation in Pericei, Romania. Anna is fully involved in ladies' work, children's clubs, and is the mother of 3 children. Since they began to receive refugees in their home and their church, the workload is even greater

Here’s one of the tough tasks that Pál and Anna Borzási (Pericei, Romania) have had this week… that of trying to comfort the couple who look after orphans in eastern Ukraine. These house-parents wanted to take a 17-year-old with them to Romania, along with the other children in their care. It was a journey to what they all thought would be peace and freedom, far from war-ravaged East Ukraine. It turned out to be a trip towards separation. This lad was no longer eligible to leave Ukraine because he had his 18th birthday during the trip, and was obliged to stay and defend his country. Heart-rending for all involved.

Looking after refugees is more than a full-time job. We are receiving offers from UK families who’d love to welcome fleeing Ukrainians, and we have to be realistic about all the challenges involved.


There is no doubt at all in anyone’s minds about how critical these days are for the spread of the Gospel. One lady to whom Pál Borzási has spoken to at length about her need of salvation has moved on to Germany, following instructions from her husband, still in Ukraine. She really didn’t want to leave Pál and Anna’s home and church, where she had seen real Christianity for the first time.

When the refugees arrive, the first question is 'Could you give us the Wifi password?' . (Photo left dark, for privacy reasons)

Prayer Points

• For the  only-just-18 year- old orphan separated from his carers/custodians, and remember before the Lord his grieving carers.
• For the lady who was touched by the message about Christ for the first time,
• For the Christians involved in receiving refugees; day-by-day, they are asking the Lord to help them do what they feel they have little strength left to do.
• For a couple whose nephew (along with two other young Christians) was shot by the Russians as they were taking food/aid by truck to those dying of hunger in another Ukrainian city.

Anna Borzási says: ‘I can tell you that all of your prayers are holding our hands up.
It is a psychologically draining ministry and I would have never thought I would be able to do such a thing’.
THANK YOU for praying with us!