Benjamin and Debora Pap

Benjamin and Debora Pap

Benjamin is the pastor of three Hungarian Baptist churches in the Boghis area of Romania. He is married to Debora.

Benjamin is from the Hungarian-speaking part of Transylvania, (in Romania), so his first language is Hungarian, but he also speaks Romanian and English.

Benjamin's parents both came to faith when they were young, so Benjamin had the privilege of being brought up in a Christian home. But he lived in rebellion against the Lord until, at the age of sixteen, he came under conviction of sin and was converted. Soon afterwards, Benjamin felt the Lord calling him into gospel work, and that sense of call grew into an irresistible conviction.

After studying for the ministry at the Hungarian Baptist Seminary and at Emanuel Theological Seminary, Benjamin was invited to be the pastor of three churches, the main one in the town of Boghiș, and the other two (one of them a gypsy church) in Șimleu. In parts of Romania the number of trained pastors has not kept up with gospel growth, and even young pastors like Benjamin have to look after several churches and smaller groups, often taking services and meetings most days of the week.

Benjamin is twenty-five years old and is married to Debora, and they've just had their first child, a girl (Priszilla).


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Meet our Missionaries: Mihai Chisari, Benjamin Pap and Tamás Moroz

July 1, 2021
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Brief introduction to 3 new EMF missionaries, who joined the mission in May 2021, as Mission Director Andrew Birch interviews Mihai Chisari (from Chișinău, Moldova), Benjamin Pap (from Boghiș, Romania) and Tamás Moroz (from Biharia, Romania)
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