Tamás and Andreia Moroz

Tamás and Andreia Moroz

Tamás is from Transylvania in Romania. He was brought up in a Christian home, and he came to faith at the age of thirteen.

In the years that followed, as Tamás began to serve in his church in different ways, he was encouraged by other believers to think and pray about going into the Christian ministry.

Tamás studied at the Hungarian Baptist Seminary in Oradea and at the EMF School of Biblical Studies, as well as serving for a year alongside EMF missionary Pál Borzási.

In 2020 Tamás was invited to become a pastor of the Hungarian Baptist church in Biharia, which is really a group of six churches, two larger ones and four smaller ones. Tamás is responsible for three of those churches, and a fellow-pastor of his for the other three. After successfully completing a six-month probationary period, Tamás was confirmed as pastor and ordained to the ministry.

Tamás is married to Andreia, who is studying to become a pharmacist.


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Meet our Missionaries: Mihai Chisari, Benjamin Pap and Tamás Moroz

July 1, 2021
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Brief introduction to 3 new EMF missionaries, who joined the mission in May 2021, as Mission Director Andrew Birch interviews Mihai Chisari (from Chișinău, Moldova), Benjamin Pap (from Boghiș, Romania) and Tamás Moroz (from Biharia, Romania)
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