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New developments at our School of Biblical Studies


EMF’s School of Biblical Studies runs a foundation-level six-month course to facilitate and equip Christian leaders to handle the Bible better and to fulfil Jesus’ Great Commission in Europe.

Recently, we’ve made a small but signi cant change to the name of this well-established school. From now on, it will be the European School of Biblical Studies. The school is a strategic part of EMF. By spelling out that it’s European, partly to enable us to collaborate more e ectively with organisations in Europe, we hope we’ve made a change for the better. In addition, while the name and visual identity may have changed, our vision and values remain the same.

A new visual identity is not just about exchanging one logo for another logo. We hope this change makes an important point. The spiral in our new logo symbolises the seed of God’s Word being scattered throughout Europe. To this end, we want to train Christians and Christian leaders to ful l what we see as the Great European Commission. We want to equip people to reach the lost!

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