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A step of faith in Zwyiec


In a Q&A session, Dawid Kozioł explains his experiences as a pastor and EMF missionary.

Q: How long have you been pastor of the church?

A: I have been working here since 2000. For the  rst two years, we were connected with Wodzisław’s church, which became independent in 2002. When I came, the congregation consisted of about 15 people, and there was a lot to do. The  rst thing we did was to introduce Biblical teaching. We also introduced the idea of church membership, and a code of conduct. We emphasised there was a need to give to the work, and we started to teach about mission.

Q: What were those first years like?

A: Some people le , and the church got smaller. But, little by little, God added new people. Some people moved to Zywiec and started coming to our church, some started coming because of the teaching, and some were converted to Christianity. We started to reach out. We did door-to-door work, children’s summer clubs, youth meetings, camps, youth trips, Christmas activities, a book table in the market, and an English language club, as well as summer and winter meetings in the building for children. For many years, our main concern was to see conversions. We saw some at the beginning; then, despite the work, there was nothing. But God was faithful, and a few years ago, he added three families to our congregation: most of them had converted from Roman Catholicism. A year ago, another woman was converted. Presently the church has 32 adults, four teenagers and 14 children, with two babies on the way. There are about seven regular visitors to our Sunday services.

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