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How do you reach a nation?


Here, Christian publishing house Legatio’s Krzysztof Rutkowski, based in the central Polish city of Włocławek, explains some of the priorities that will help Poland’s churches to reach new people and grow.

In Europe, we’ve seen church-planting movements establish Gospel churches that, in turn, multiply and plant other churches. These movements are a wonderful  rst step, but they rely on many di erent resources.

To help new churches to grow, we need good literature to resource them, and conferences that bring people together and inspire them with a common vision.

From new churches come new ministries, o ering practical help to demonstrate the love of Christ in tangible ways to the forgotten and broken. New leaders need access to sound theological training, and may require help and support to establish specialist outreach ministries to students, children, or hard-to-reach minorities.

As these planted churches grow, they develop relationships with other churches and leaders. A spirit of collaboration and cooperation is essential for growth, as are movements of prayer and renewal.

The picture that is often used is that of an ecosystem. Just as various organisms in the natural environment interrelate so the habitat flourishes, so do churches, ministries and Christians need to interrelate spiritually in a country so that, under the blessing of God, the Gospel will flourish in that country.

Here are some of the speci cs that will help Polish churches   to grow.

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