Joel and Talita Lopes

Joel and Talita Lopes

Joel Lopes and his wife Talita serve in the Igreja Acção Bíblica church, situated in the Southern Portuguese city of Faro in the well-known tourist area of the Algarve.

The Igreja Acção Bíblica church is the church in which Joel was converted as a child and where his father was an elder. Joel has been the pastor since 2013, and has been seeking to establish a sound, reformed teaching ministry there, from which the congregation may reach out to its neighbourhood.

His role as vice-director of the Martin Bucer Seminary (a new venture in Portugal) is to help oversee the training of well-grounded church leaders in his native country, and his involvement in various reformed networks testifies to his desire to see solid biblical teaching become widespread in Portugal. Joel is finishing a Ph.D. in Historical Theology with the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

Talita and Joel have four children: Rafael (born 2015) Gabriel (born 2017), Daniel (born 2020) and Maria Clara (born 2021).

Talita studied Social Education at the University of Algarve. In the Church she helps with the music, and in discipling and counseling women. Her main focus now is the children; she home-schools them, allowing Joel to have more time to dedicate to the ministry and to study.

The church in Faro also supports a church plant in Portimão, about 60km from Faro. It is the second biggest city of the Algarve, but there was a lack of healthy churches there. The church plant is now 2 years old and is attended by about 28 adults.

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Meet our Missionaries: Joel & Talita Lopes

March 1, 2022
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Brief introduction to new EMF missionaries, Joel & Talita Lopes, who are based in Faro, in the Algarve region of Portugal.
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