Rogério and Sónia


Rogério and Sónia


Rogério pastors the evangelical church in Sines. He also leads a small Bible school in the church, and organizes a conference called Fé Evangélica (Evangelical Faith).

Rogério and Sónia were both born into Portuguese Christian families. Rogério was brought up in the church in Sines whilst Sónia was originally in a different church and started to attend the church in Sines when she was seventeen. Both were converted as young people. Since that time, they have been active in a variety of ways in the life of the church in Sines, their home church.

In 1993, Rogério undertook a one-year course at a Portuguese Bible college. Following their marriage in 1997, the couple completed the EMF’s School of Biblical Studies. When they returned to Portugal in the summer of 1998, Rogério was invited to take up full pastoral responsibility for the church in Sines. The couple have two sons, Marcos and Lucas.

Sines is a coastal town about one hundred and fifty kilometres south of Lisbon. The evangelical church in the town has been in existence for over seventy years. Rogério has also been involved, in association with other churches, in running Christian camps; and for the last couple of years he and another pastor have organised the conference called Evangelical Faith.

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Introduction to the Ramos family

February 22, 2019
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Introduction to the Ramos Family in Sines, Portugal, and their work supported by EMF
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