EMF Ukraine Emergency Appeal

About the appeal

Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people as the horrific events in the country unfold. Many hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing to neighbouring countries, often women and children, leaving their husbands behind. The most important thing for God’s people here is to pray for the people of Ukraine and in particular for the Christians there. But we can also help practically, and many of the evangelical churches we work with, both in Ukraine and in neighbouring Moldova, Poland and Romania are actively helping refugees. They would deeply appreciate any support we can give them.

  • Initially we were looking for up to €50,000; but this target has already been met, and with the need growing we are extending the appeal.

  • All of the funds will be transferred to churches we support in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, and will be used entirely to support Ukrainian refugees.

  • EMF will ensure that 100% of the donations are passed through to those able to help, and we will only transfer funds where there is reason to believe the funds will be used well.

  • Because of the difficulty of getting supplies into Ukraine, we would expect much of the money to be used in neighbouring countries, but we will endeavour to make as much of the money available to people in Ukraine, if they can use funds effectively.

  • Our partners are already working intensively to help refugees, and to support them, EMF will immediately make funds available to these churches to expand their support.

How the funds will be used: We will endeavour to use every pound donated to this appeal to support refugees from the Ukraine crisis, via our network of churches in the area. The funds will be used for humanitarian needs including food, medicine, shelter, transport and clothing. We will also use funds for spiritual needs - in seeking to share the gospel with refugees. The funds will channeled through our missionaries and their churches, and in many cases they will involve other evangelical churches to coordinate support.

For more details about how we are working - please click here to download a more detailed report.

Cross Connect Ukraine

Linking Ukrainian Refugees to Christian Hosts

The Cross Connect Ukraine Linking Scheme is intended to help match and link evangelical Christians, whose hearts have been moved by the plight of Ukrainian refugees and are able to offer accommodation to Ukrainian individuals, families or groups looking for temporary shelter in a safe home in the UK or elsewhere. It is an initiative run jointly by European Mission Fellowship and Slavic Gospel Association.

To find out more about Cross Connect Ukraine and to register click here.

Map of supported work

The map below shows where EMF is channelling support, through our missionaries in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Romania. In some cases the supported directly by these missionaries and their churches, in other cases, it is passed onto sister evangelical churches well-known to the missionaries. Hover over, or tap on, the dot to show more detail about the work in the location.



Luhansk region


Donetsk region




















Latest Stories from the front line

Video reports and interviews

Ukraine update 1st July 2022

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July 1, 2022
See full video article
Update on the situation in Ukraine, from Valik and Aliona Lipskiy, who are Christians in Uman, Ukraine, who have dedicated themselves to supporting people in need, both in Uman and in the East of Ukraine.

Ukraine Update from Pastor Gennadiy Prosjanko

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June 30, 2022
See full video article
Update from Pastor Gennadiy Projanko, as he visits the warzone near Donetsk with his son Victor, to take supplies and gospel literature to those in need.

Update on the work supporting refugees in Chernivtsi

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June 24, 2022
See full video article
Alexander (Sasha) Diankov, the deacon at the 'Heart of Jesus' evangelical church in Chernivtsi, gives an update on the work he is leading in support of the many displaced people who have moved to the city.

Ukraine Update 17th June 2022

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June 17, 2022
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Vitalii Mariash, Academic Dean of Kyiv Theolgical Seminary and EMF Missionary, describes the situation in Kyiv, including the work being done by their church with refugees, and also his possible call up to military service.

Ukraine Update 2nd June 2022

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June 2, 2022
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Pastor Gennadiy Prosjanko, a pastor and army chaplain who's been ministering to people in the Donbas warzone for the last 7 years, gives us an update on the situation in the East of Ukraine, particularly from the perspective of civilians who have remained, or recently left their homes in the region.

Ukraine Update 19th May 2022

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May 19, 2022
See full video article
Vitalii Mariash, EMF missionary based normally in Kyiv but now in Chernivtsi, and Gennadiy Prosjanko, based near Dnipro, share a brief update and prayer requests from Ukraine.

Ukraine Update 13th May 2022

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May 13, 2022
See full video article
Adam Urban and Ola Cybula both serving the Lord in Poland, working to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland give an update on the work there.

Ukraine Update 6th May 2022

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May 6, 2022
See full video article
2 Christians on the front line of supporting refugees and displaces people in Ukraine describe the recent situation, from their perspective

Ukraine update 28th April 2022

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April 29, 2022
See full video article
4 Christians on the front line of supporting refugees and displaces people in Ukraine describe the recent situation, from their perspective

Compassion for refugees in Chernivtsi

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April 12, 2022
See full video article
Testimonies of some of the refugees who have come from Kyiv, Bucha, Kharkiv and Donetsk, and been helped by the Sertse Isusa evangelical church in Chernivtsi

EMF Webinar: UKRAINE: 46 Days of Human Suffering and God's Sovereignty

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April 11, 2022
See full video article
Hearing the testimonies of EMF missionaries and fellow workers on the front line caring for refugees in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Romania.

Ola Cybula and the work of the Zagórna 10 church to support Ukrainian Refugees

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April 8, 2022
See full video article
Ola Cybula is the coordinator of the refugee support work at the Zagórna 10 evangelical church in Warsaw, and she shows us around the set-up in the church to give a temporary home to refugees.

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